The fashion industry which has a global value of 3000$ trillion, would not have been where it is without online presence and technology. Today the fashion industry is extremely controlled by the digital and e-commerce market.
In all aspects of the fashion business, be it online marketing to designing to customer service technology plays a vital role. The online existence has made shopping easy, cheap and convenient, with people ordering clothes, shoes, jewellery from across the world with just one click.
Tools enabling sizing and virtual fitting rooms are the next big thing. With the help of technology, big brands are working towards enabling the customers with virtual fitting rooms at various convenient location making it easier for customers to get the perfect measurement and making the shopping experience hassle free.
With the help of 3D printing, you can create your own design and get a virtual impression of how it will look.
It is very interesting how technology is going to shape the future of fashion industry, we will keep on updating with latest techniques, stay tuned!
Girl Wearing Virtual Glasses